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What is Eco-Lyte?

The process & chemistry

Eco-Lyte products are produced via a patented process in Electro-chemical devices, the yielded solutions are known by various terms such as super oxidized water, electrolyzed water, mixed oxidant solution and “Anolyte” & Catholyte”

A food grade electrolyte solution such as sodium chloride {salt} is combined with purified water and run through a specialized electro-chemical reactor where current is applied and the solutions ionically separate & ”activate” into an oxidizer & reducer

Eco-Lyte NTL is a food grade sanitizing biocidal solution

Eco-Lyte DG is a mild detergent with degreasing & reducing properties

Eco-Lyte (NTL) is Anolyte Neutral, a powerful disinfectant. Highly efficient compared to chemical equivalents whilst still maintaining neutral pH for compatibility with surfaces, equipment, water & skin, it is 100% environmentally friendly, non-toxic to humans and can eliminate all forms of pathogens and other biological contaminants. This versatile fluid can be dosed into the water supply for sterilisation and biofilm removal,  is safe to use in food production, decontamination, and sanitising. It can be used in liquid, spray, mist, or ice, and once disposed of, reverts to its original composition {salt and water}. Eco-Lyte leaves no chemical residue on surfaces or produce and can be use rinse free

Eco-Lyte {DG} is Catholyte with a pH of 11-13 and can be used as a general cleanser, degreaser and mixed in as a dilution to extend industrial strength cleaners. The solution has no odor, foaming or colour and is ideal for residue free cleaning & CIP

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What is HoCl?

Hypochlorus Acid – The wonder molecule

HoCl is a naturally occurring bio-chemical that is produced by our neutrophils, or white blood cells, to fight bacteria and inflammation after an infection or trauma. HoCl provides a unique power to eradicate dangerous organisms while not causing harm to our cells. 

HoCl is one of the only agents that is both nontoxic to the delicate cells that can heal our wounds while being lethal to almost all known dangerous bacteria and viruses that threaten our health.  The HoCl produced via ECA technology and available in Eco-Lyte NTL is very different from typically known chlorine derived aqueous HoCl solutions that are characterised by PH extremes, toxicity, high levels of spectator cations and chemical instability.  

The power of HoCl & the related mixed oxidants are well known medically and are used in hospitals, food & beverage processors and progressive agriculture.

Eco-Lyte proudly contains NO additives, stabilisers, alcohol, ammonia, bleach, surfactants, fragrances, thickeners or dyes

The easy to use environmentally friendly solution {NTL} is anti-microbial, viricidal, sporicidal and anti-fungal.  Whilst being lethal to pathogens it is safe to use around food, people and animals. After performing the task at hand it reverts back to its basic components of salt and water once exposed to the environment ensuring no toxic or chemical residues remain. 

Eco-Lyte products  are tried & trusted by large food & beverage producers, agriculture processors and a host of water treatment, medical and healthcare service providers to sterilise, remove biolfim and control spoilage organisms and destroy pathogenic virus’s and Bacteria. 

Eco-Lyte NTL destroys pathogens by direct oxidation, osmotic pressure differential rupturing, & destruction of cell wall & viral envelope proteins.  Kill rates are rapid, rinse free and without chemical residue.