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About Us

With over R10 million spent in research & development and ever increasing applications and demand, we have seen the adoption of the product & technology from initial scepticism through to scientific & commercial success with an ever evolving development platform of new applications & ground breaking research.

Our Vision

A world of water treatment, food production, processing & hygiene that is free from harsh chemicals. 

Creating awareness around the technology & natural bio-chemistry that solves so many modern challenges such as “superbugs”, viruses, carcinogenic processing additives & the overuse of antibiotics.

Our Mission

To make a sizeable reduction in the consumption of chemicals that bring harm to food, water and people by introducing Electro-Chemical activation technology as an earth friendly alternative.

We strive to bring about  industrial, institutional and individual awareness that we can achieve results with truly sustainable chemistry & technology

ECA Technologies Africa was established in South Africa over 10 years ago.  For these 10 yrs we have been producing Eco-Lyte and implementing its on-site generating technology to a host of industries and use cases from food production & processing through to water treatment and healthcare.  The Eco-Lyte products are trademarked and registered with the SABS and South Africa’s disinfectant Act5.

The team behind the product has always been passionate about getting power of Eco-lyte HoCl through to as many users as possible, be it in ready to use bottle form or via the specialised on-site generating systems for large users.  Eco-lyte is manufactured under strict guidance & control by ECA Technologies and select 3rd manufacturing  & distribution licensees.