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What is Eco-Lyte?

The process & chemistry

Eco-Lyte products are produced via a patented process in Electro-chemical devices, the yielded solutions are known by various terms such as super oxidized water, electrolyzed water, mixed oxidant solution and “Anolyte” & Catholyte”

A food grade electrolyte solution such as sodium chloride {salt} is combined with purified water and run through a specialized electro-chemical reactor where current is applied and the solutions ionically separate & ”activate” into an oxidizer & reducer

Eco-Lyte NTL is a food grade sanitizing biocidal solution

Eco-Lyte DG is a mild detergent with degreasing & reducing properties

“ECA solutions have been conclusively shown to exceed chemically derived equivalents both in low dosage effectiveness as well as physico-chemical purity”

Eco-Lyte (NTL) is Anolyte Neutral, a powerful disinfectant. Highly efficient compared to chemical equivalents whilst still maintaining neutral pH for compatibility with surfaces, equipment, water & skin, it is 100% environmentally friendly, non-toxic to humans and can eliminate all forms of pathogens and other biological contaminants. This versatile fluid can be dosed into the water supply for sterilisation and biofilm removal,  is safe to use in food production, decontamination, and sanitising. It can be used in liquid, spray, mist, or ice, and once disposed of, reverts to its original composition {salt and water}. Eco-Lyte leaves no chemical residue on surfaces or produce and can be use rinse free

Eco-Lyte {DG} is Catholyte with a pH of 11-13 and can be used as a general cleanser, degreaser and mixed in as a dilution to extend industrial strength cleaners. The solution has no odor, foaming or colour and is ideal for residue free cleaning & CIP

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How is it made?




Food grade electrolyte solution, potable water & a controlled application of current through a specialised diaphragmatic reactor separating and activating Anion & cation salts into Anolyte & Catholyte

ECA Technologies Africa was established in South Africa over 10 years ago.  For these 10 yrs we have been producing Eco-Lyte and implementing its on-site generating technology to a host of industries and use cases from food production & processing through to water treatment and healthcare.  The Eco-Lyte products are trademarked and registered with the SABS and South Africa’s disinfectant Act5.

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Healthcare, Hospitals & Clinics

Rapid Deployment decontamination & biosecurity

Oil, Gas & Mining

Facilities hygiene; prisons, ports, schools, frail care


Agriculture, – Aquaculture, Hydroponics etc

Post harvest & food processing

Beverage – Bottling, Brewery, Winery, CIP etc

Animal Husbandry, Poultry, Cattle, Piggery


Hospitality & recreational waters

Potable, Waste & process Water treatment

Wound care, Dentistry, vetinary

And more…